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UNA-pologetically® Retreats

Empowerment through self-love awaits you.


Hosted by
Mary Ann Francis LMFT

Are you seeking a nurturing environment to explore self-love and empowerment?  You've come to the right place.  If you want to experience a sense of freedom, wellness, build confidence with the other like-minded women, then join us.

Why Retreats?

As a licensed therapist, I've learned that individual therapy can be a segue into healing and growth.  It helps to provide information, allows someone to gain awareness into behaviors and thought patterns that they may not have known existed.

What I have found hosting and facilitating retreats, are that they are a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.  It offers a dynamic, hands-on, and intensive experience that propels growth and self-discovery.  The group format of a retreat fosters a sense of community and shared wisdom, igniting profound insights and breakthroughs.  By immersing oneself in structured activities and immersive learning, participants can unleash their potential and achieve significant personal growth in a shorter, more impactful timeframe.  It allows for you to find your tribe, feel connected to others as well as finding parts of yourself you thought were lost, or just discovered.

After hosting and facilitating my first women's retreat in 2021 I realized with my mental health background, I can help empower women and bring a transformative experience to life.  So that's when I created UNA-pologetically® The Self-Love Movement.

It IsTime

Una-pologetically® Me
Puerto Rico Retreat 2025

Ladies, it’s time to nourish your soul and embrace self-love. Join us for an unforgettable Self-Love Retreat in Puerto Rico, where you’ll reconnect with your inner strength, rejuvenate your spirit, and create lasting memories.  Get a chance to indulge in the culture through meditation in the rainforest to the beat of drums, vibrate to another level during sound healing, enjoying a spa day in the comfort of the home, enjoy the Boriken culture by connecting through African ancestral dance and learning about the culture through art.  All this in an intimate setting with just 6 other women.


Here’s why you won’t want to miss this transformative experience:


Chakra Balance Meditation in

El Yunque


Sound Healing




Bomba lessons 


La Cultura Boriken


Massage & Facials

Beach Release & Bon Fire Ceremony

What Package Includes:
  • Transportation to & from airport, and to excursions

  • 1 King Bed (subject to change/availability) 

  • Light Breakfast for 4 mornings

  • 4 nights of dinner (including 1 night of private chef)

  • Excursions (view on the list below)

  • Water, juice, coffee

Doesn't Include:
  • Flight

  • Lunch

  • Any other beverages

  • Transportation outside the excursions

  • ​Souvenirs

  • Any other places not included in the package

  • Gratuity to vendors

Get Inspired


Day 1 - Welcome

The Day of arrival enjoy some time to relax.  We will spend the evening mingling, interacting with ice breakers, and setting our intentions for the remainder of the retreat.  

Day 3 - Intentional Rising &
In-house Spa Day

We will spend the day at the house as we focus on rising with intention.  Let's start off the morning with a light breakfast and immerse ourselves in a sound healing session by or in the pool.  Listen as your body embraces the vibrations that flow through the crisp air.  

Then we continue with indulging in some self-care activities that include massages and facials.  

There will be a short reflective workshop before you get to enjoy the rest of your day. 

Day 2 - Meditation & Release

Envision yourself surrounded by a rainforest, feeling the natural energy of nature.  Immerse yourself in a Reiki -chakra meditation unblocking your chakras as you listen to the beating drums of the congos echoing throughout the forest.  The natural beauty and sounds of being in El Yunque.  

Later on - participate in a beach release, as you partake in an Unapologetically Me® ceremony with your new tribe.  Lock this into your core memory as you end your day.

Day 4 - La Cultura Boriken

Part of a retreat is spending some time understanding some of the roots of the culture.  This last day you will participate in the Boriken culture by visiting Calle Cerra Art walk; taking a Bomba Class Lesson, visiting Los Hermanos, and Samuel-Lind Afro-Boriken Artist.  

This day whines down with a bon-fire ceremony at the beach, and end with a private dinner with a chef.

Day 5 - Farewell

We begin the day early so we can spend the morning having last day reflections over breakfast.  Embracing and empowering one another as we continue back into the journey of our lives, taking with you the strength to continue to work on self-love.

Enrollment Begins July 28, 2024!

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Only 5 Spots** 

Early Bird Special

$200 off

Oct. 30, 2024 

$1750 Early Bird Price
$1950 Regular Price

*begins Oct. 31, 2024 

$350 Deposit

Payment plan available until Nov. 1, 2024.

Full amount due by January 6, 2025

*non-refundable fee of $480 due to housing - but can be transferable. Contact Mary Ann for more information (

Dates: March 18-22, 2025

**possibility of 2 more spots if commitment is made. Reach out to Mary Ann if you would like to join and the 5 spots are sold out. ( Only available until Sept. 30, 2024
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