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Our mission is to create 
a nurturing community where women can embrace self-love, connect with others, and embark on self-discovery. 
UNA-pologetically® strives to provide a safe space for healing and growth, empowering women to fearlessly pursue your journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Our Story


As a single teenage mother, navigating the challenges of motherhood while dealing with an emotionally hostile situation, I struggled to find support and guidance. It seemed as though everyone had advice, but none of it seemed to address my unique circumstances. I lost friends and felt isolated, unsure of how to overcome the obstacles in my path.

However, through my journey, I discovered the power of self-love and the importance of focusing on my own well-being. By embracing self-love, I was able to build resilience and find the strength to persevere through the challenges that life threw at me.  I learned that by aligning myself with the things I wanted in life, it led me to happiness and peace.  Something that through several years of chaos, I didn't know I could get to again.

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After obtaining my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and working with many women, I realized something.  That I enjoyed empowering women, and supporting them through their self-love journey.  As someone who felt alone, the goal at UNA-pologetically® is to create a platform for women to embrace their self-love journey and do it along side other women on their own path.  You are not alone.  

This is The Self-Love Movement


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