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School Program

Self love workshop.jpeg
Self love workshop.jpeg

Teen Workshops

Female teen workshops are held from June through October.  They are open to females ages 15-17.  During these workshops, we focus on interpersonal skills, relationships, and self-love.  The teens' learn how to empower one another, work as a team, build their self esteem, and have a good time. 

Workshops are held twice a month

$30 per workshop

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Day Workshop

This workshop is broken up into 2 parts. The first part is identifying blockages of Self-Love. Utilizing the "Unapologetically Me®" guided journal, Mary Ann uses exercises and activities to talk about these blockages, and ways to release them. These activities are interactive.


As the work-shop continues, the second part is dedicated to focusing on tools to enhance Self-Love. With interactive activities and discussions, Mary Ann will help the females focus and understand the importance of accepting themselves, and at the end they'll be comfortable to say I am "Unapologetically Me®."


What's Included:


Unapologetically Me® Guided Journal for each female

Materials for interactive activities

Mary Ann facilitates each workshop


Max Capacity of females : 26 per workshop

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School Curriculum

Mary Ann is offering 8-10 interactive sessions that focuses on self-love, self discovery, self awareness, communication skills, relationship skills, conflict resolution skills, and more. Pick between one session a month, or two sessions a month to complete the program. If you need another option, please don't hesitate to ask.


Curriculum program Includes:


UNA-pologetically® Workbook for each female

Unapologetically Me Affirmation Deck

8-10 sessions (school decides) on various topics including: self-love, self-discovery, self awareness, coping skills, conflict resolution, relationship skills, communication skills, social media and more.

Mary Ann facilitates each workshop

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